Jack "Books" Hunting

Student of Magic in over his head.


Working for TAD

College Student/casual


Jack Hunting was born in Michigan City, Michigan. Normal geeky childhood of a kid who was a better student and just generally smarter than the other students. Bullied and picked on. Started skipping years and graduated High School at 16 and got into Yale.

Jack’s Mother, Cora Hunting, is an Research Psychologist. His dad, Daniel Hunting, is a car mechanic at a local car dealership. They are middle income america with a two story house and “white picket fence” They lack any magical ability at all. So there was a time of adjustment.
They are very proud of their only child for getting into Yale and succeeding with it enough to get a job in the government.

Jack Hunting got a degree in both History and Magic. He then spent his post Graduate time learning more and more about magic and working with his teachers and researching magic. He is what people refer to as a professional student. He spent more time at school and had no plans of leaving.

He had an incident. 1.5 years before he got into the TAD, Jack Hunting summoned a Demon to try to enter in a pact. Trying to gain more in power and knowledge. He was caught before anything could actually happen or any bargains struck by security. The Demon was banished and Jack was involved in a closes doors meeting about how dangerous what he was doing was in which he was chastised by every senior member of the magical order in Yale. He became something of an embarrassment, and he had a hard time filling his time since no teachers really wanted to work with him anymore. The event was hushed by Yale, but kept alive by rumors and gossip. So when the TAD came by asking for a Demon expert. They pointed out Jack. A chance to kick him out of the school without looking bad, while giving them a person who actually fit the bill.

Jack "Books" Hunting

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