Avery Hicks

Pintsized Gumshoe with Moxy




Name: Avery Winston Hicks
Date of Birth: December 25th 1975
Place of birth: VW (?)
Height: 3’
Weight: 35 pounds
Eye Color: Olive
Hair Color: Black
Distinguishing Characteristics: Knife and claw tattoo on his left bicep (common tattoo for Blackforest Vets)

Affiliations: TAD, St. Louis PD, Army 513th infantry Division.

Transcript for Evaluation:

You wouldn’t think that a volkswagen bus would be a good birthplace for a soldier. If you ask me it’s not really a good birthplace for anyone. Saddly it’s the closest thing to a birthplace that i have, seeing that my parents never really bothered to figure out where they were at the time, somewhere in Oregon they think. They didn’t have much trouble my father was one of those nature magic users a druid he says, the pair of them really bring flowerchild to a new meaning, but dad’s a hell of a healer so who’s to say they’re wrong.

Childhood? It wasn’t that bad, it was never lonely i can tell you that. Even with the constant moving from place to place I had a couple dozen cousins of some degree or another and every weekend we were somewhere celebrating. What were we celebrating I couldn’t have told you if I tried, but the family were constantly together, meeting at some park or persons backyard. It was all I knew for the longest time. Still see some of the cousins out on the road, usually only a casual greeting, badge spooks most of ‘em.

Why the army? Well unless I intended to marry a 3rd cousin and sell snake oil for a living I had to find something that would pay me a decent wage with only a GED in my pocket and no set address. Honestly I think I needed the change. Get something a little less organic in my life. Shame, it sort of broke the old man’s heart….

The Black Forest? Figures, you head shrinks always like to poke vets in the old war story, Yeah it was a good fight. I guess you could call it the first noble war since world war two. Didn’t feel very noble fighting it. Felt more like we’d been dropped in hell, but none of us could leave the folks the faeries had taken. So what do you want to know? the worst part? Had to be when we ended up fighting the people we were there to rescue, fey-struck, compelled, whatever the Fey do to make a person want to die for them. It was pretty hideous. The fact that the unseelie could overpower someone’s entire being and make them a soldier, some of them were children for god’s sake. No, I’m done talking about that.

The Boogeyman? Babadook? Yeah I’ve been told that I shouldn’t say his name, you know, names and the power of them. Bah when he wants to come try me I’ll be there. Really at the time we got lucky. Either that or he got greedy. Middle of a major skirmish he gallops ahead of his forces to harry a retreating squad of germans, we had been called in to cover their exit, the silly bastard practically rides into us. I’d been up a tree to be lookout drop down on his horse with cold steel in hand. Stupid luck. You should have seen his ugly face beat red half chewing his lip off. Heard he’s put a price on my head, no one’s tried to collect so it may be a bunch of bullshit. I don’t know. Can we be done talking about the war, this shits getting old.

I joined the force originally in St. Louis, made detective, pissed people off moved on. Tried that again in Seattle, Houston, San Francisco, and Pittsburgh sure it took some years for the tour I got around. Seems when I get to comfy my mouth runs away with me and I end up pissing in the wrong captain’s pool. The politics can get so damn petty.

So then I get a call from an old army captain asks if i want to join the feds? Special task force, lots of travel, I figure it might just keep me from getting too ansy. So lets see how this TAD thing works out.

Avery Hicks

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