Red Dragon King of England


Zsirmagdrion has been a force in our world since before recorded history. When the Dragons made their pact with the gods to close the world off from the Source of Magic, Zsirmagdrion enacted a plan to break free from his slumber and walk the mundane world. While all the other dragons slumbered, he moved through the world guiding mankind through it’s history.

Throughout history there have been sightings of Zsirmagdrion as he worked behind the scenes of governments, coercing countries into wars and assassinating those that could harm his plans to one day rule the world when Magic returned. While traveling he sired children all around the world in an effort to create draconic bloodlines that will stay dormant until the return.

When the Corvalis Event occurred, Zsirmagdrion regained his original form and power and used it to take control of the country where he had been hiding his hoard of artifacts and wealth: England.



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