The Corvalis Effect

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case File #5

Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case File #5 — Addendum
August 03, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

Orders came down from Cormac; easier to investigate a 6 month cold trail than to find a specific ‘Manuel’ in Florida. After flying out and driving towards Granite, we ran into a roadblock a handful of miles north of town. The ‘local’ PD tried to detour us, but our badges said otherwise. The Sons of Slaughter – Followers of Erythnul – had rolled into town a couple of weeks ago. The majority of the townsfolk were able to make it out.

((A summoned Celestial Escalade probably has adjustable seat belts))

As we were making our way into town towards a barricade made of cars, a Minotaur rams the Escalade into the Arkansas river. As we started making our way out of the river, 2 gunmen with shotguns (orc and human) move out from the other side of the car wall barricade and started firing on us. The first gunman was down by a firebolt from Agent Arashi, the minotaur was taken down after a number hits from Lau, Diego & me, and Arashi took down the last with another fireball.

Hicks and Hunting’s mongoose sneak up to gather information ((He can touch you through his mongoose that you put in your pocket)). They had found out about a stash, so they are planning to take it, kill those that have it and raze the next town. Troll tosses a dwarf into the road and proceeds to beat it to death, rip off its arm and heads back inside (while chewing on the arm). The Troll is referred to as ‘Laughing Man’

Hicks sneaks up to get a listen. Compound is in the mountains. Attack is planned for the next morning. After a bit of dissension it is decided that they will do a night raid. As he is leaving he gets spotted by two of the gang. First one is shot dead in the chest, Hicks dives for cover and is hit by a shotgun blast. After winging the second, Hicks sneaks back off while the second fires randomly into the underbrush.

Over a loudspeaker the troll thanks us for preparing his dinner and if we haven’t been found then they will be razing the town. After backing down the road, we holed up at the hotel. Hunting sent his pet out ((So your whip your weasel out and stick it in a bush)) to scout.

After approx 8(ish) hours, we hear a commotion of them getting ready to head out. I summon a Jeep and we head out. After a number of minutes we catch up with them and see them trying to figure out to enter bank of fog. After a couple of failed attempts they are able to make it in using a daylight spell.

After taking it slow and walking around the the supposed mines, we make it to the fog bank. “Turn the Undead” Fog dissipates. Continuing on we hear gunfire and the rumbling of the motorcycle engines. SoS are assaulting the compound with reckless abandon, while the defenders are firing back in an orderly manner. After two of the bikers ram into the gates with a prayer to (gods name) on their lips, fully armored fighters start exiting the compound. The Laughing Man cannot be seen in the melee.

Lau sees a couple of figures heading into come pipes. We manage to all make it unseen by both sides shooting at each other. A ways in, the pipe is exploded outward and seems to be in a utility room. One, quite deceased, person in the room, a fair chunk of his face missing is in the corner of the room. After going through a couple of rooms, we run across some ATVs. Taking a couple of minutes we disable all but one so we have an escape option. Going through the right rolling door we pass through a locker room (2 special response suits and 2 assault rifles) and head through the double doors.

Before we were able to make it through the next set of double doors we were set upon by 3 assailants. All but the luchador managed to not take damage. Hunting heated the gun out of one persons hands, Lau attacks and hits him, Diego attacks as well and grapples him, Hicks attacks the third but misses, I kill him in 2 strikes. The other 2 go down fairly quickly after that.

Laughing Man and cronies gathering stuff from what looks like a clean room (behind bullet resistant glass). Booted footsteps advancing towards our position. Stupid greenhorn gets himself spotted and Laughing Man is pleased (maniacal laugh) to see us. 3 more start attacking. Diego, Lau and I charge around the corner and attack the 3 assailants, Hicks “force pulls” a grenade from the prone assailant. Prone assailant gets back up and shoots Lau. In return Lau catches his second shot and flicks in into his neck, killing him instantly. I take damage. Diego kills his and goes after the one on me. I kill mine.

Hunting gets ready to open the the door and Laughing Man and one cronie leaves through the opposite door while the last cronie stays and racks his shotgun. Hunting opens the door and the cronie fires at some lab equipment opposite the door. The shot does not blow the equipment and Hicks fires at him. A second shot to the again fails to detonate the oxygen canister. Diego runs into the room and throws his axe to no effect, I go to the room, while Lau runs in, jumps over the desk and kills him straight out.

We find a map and realize that there was an exit after the opposite door to where Laughing Man exited through. We run into not just the Troll (hopped up on Shard), but also 6 men from the opposite direction. 3 got entangled and Lau went after the other 3. A grenade was tossed and hits Lau, Diego, Hunting & myself. Attack from Hicks with fire, 2 attacks by me and Troll banishes Hunting. Diego hits him with the butt of the shotgun and tries, but fails, to grapple him. Lau dodges the attacks against him and the 3 entangled ones becomes free. Attacks against all of us fail. 2 hits to the Troll from me manage to break his concentration and Hunting pops back onto our plane. More fire from Hicks. He yells, drops his shotgun and lashes out at us with lightning. Hunting, Hicks and I drop to the ground.

((The following is from conversations with the rest of the party, as I was unconscious at the time: Arashi kills 4 assailants outright with a fireball, the last 2 utterly miss Lau and he attacks each once. Troll stops laughing, utters a series of Arcane syllables and blurs behind to the other double doors. Disintegrates them, looks into the room and says, "Oh’ and flakes away into nothing. Diego picks up the shotgun and heads towards Lau looking into a room and sees an altar. Arashi moves up and tries ti attack. One shoots and misses Lau and the other shoots and misses Arashi. Lau attacks the 2 again, drops the first and knocks the other prone. Diego shouts, “TAD, move and you’re dead.” The prone assailant says, “For the Dragon Queen” and pulls the pin on a grenade that none of them notice. Diego drops. ((The Paladin will be fine. His God won’t let him die.)) Lau runs to Hunting and stabilizes him. Hicks stabilizes himself. Arashi gives Diego a potion and he gets back up. Lau stabilizes me and Arashi gives me a potion.))

After coming to, I heal each person who was down. We catch up with Arashi and move over to the Armory to rest.

After our rest in the armory we exit to find the facility in disarray. Cannot make out the runes on the altar to find out the types of rituals done on it. Office connected to it was completely gutted. Pass through a medical bay, morgue & holding cells. All are deserted and only emaciated bodies in morgue. Holding cells heavily warded against casting.

Greenhorn and Luchador search for magical clues (one of the corpses had evidence of arcane tattoos, but no traces of any arcane energy of after only a day or so being deceased), Arashi, Lau and I sweep facility for any stragglers (no evidence of Thaggok) while Hicks looks for mundane evidence.

Greenhorn finds a magical door and opens it with a loud knock sound. (We come running in) 2 benches, 1 wall full of a fairly well done painting of a 5 headed dragon (in the chromatic colors). Looks heavily to be a place of worship. Initials LTN were incorporated into the mural.

Sounds of helicopters can be heard from outside. The cavalry has arrived. Task force was lead by Lt. Tom Gorell (Human), Investigations and Containment Division (Clean-up Squad). Hour or so debrief, give reports and evidence. Helicopter and flight back to DC. Reports and such to Cormac. A week (or so) goes by.

((This is combined from 3 different play sessions. Seemed best to post it all in one post, as it is almost a months since these had taken place.))


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