The Corvalis Effect

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case File #2 - Ongoing

Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case #2 — Addendum
July 19, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

With our outfit having as diverse of characters as it does, i’m not certain this could have come out any better.

We plotted out the routes of the guards, the entrances and exits, blind spots and weak spots. We added Agents Hicks, Hunting, Lau and me to the guard rotations, Agent Arashi posted herself on the roof of the adjoining building and Asset Flynn was posted in the control room. Agent Hunting also added some runes to the glass surrounding Joyeuse.

After a couple of nights, our diligence finally paid off. During one of the guard rotations, the perpetrator finally struck. Agent Hicks was rotated in the room, I was on the floor above, and Hunting & Lau were on the floors below. The perp was able to keep herself hidden from the regular guard on rotation, but not (after a couple of attempts) from Hicks. She walked up, disarmed a couple of the wards and managed to shrug off the rest.

While that was going on, I was following up on comm from Arashi. One of the vents on the roof of our building looked to be out of place.

After the wards activated (and had no effect on her), Hickes went to apprehend her. She managed to get out from his graps and headed back on her route back to the roof. Hicks commed us and, while I stood my ground at her most logical exit point, Hunting started up to the roof and Lau headed out the main exit to get line of site on her.

As she came onto the roof I identified myself and attempted to incapacitate her. That didn’t work out so well. She managed to dodge my attack. As Hicks exited onto the roof, Arashi’s attack had no effect on her. Hicks made his attack and she managed to catch and send the bullet into a different direction. After this she exited the roof in the most direct way possible, she tossed something and jumped off.

While this was happening, Flynn was maneuvering himself inside the building to the side she jumped off. Lau watched the object on its flight down and went to see about retrieving it. Not willing to let her escape, I did the stupidest thing I could think of, I followed her. I landed hard and it took me a few seconds to get up.

As she was falling, she activated the object that she threw, which turned out to be a motorcycle. As she attempted to to get to it, Flynn made his move. He exited the building through the closest window and appeared to walk on mist out to it. While he distracted her by taking possession of her escape vehicle, we cornered her and took her into custody.

Later in interrogation, we did all that we could to get information out of her. The only name she would give us was Ashara. She turned out to be a Githzerai, from another plane. She studiously refused to say anything in regards to her employer. We found a card in her possession with the name ‘Gavin Edgards’ on it. In runes on the back, waiting to be activated, was ‘Object acquired, meeting requested.’

As we were finishing up, Lt. Cormac entered the room and informed us that Zsirmagdrion was coming and we were to report in full dress and to bring the prisoner. With her being from another plane, she had ‘diplomatic immunity’ and once we charged her, she was free to go. As she left, she took her motorcycle but left the card.


The meeting with Zsirmagdrion went as well as one might have expected. He came to retrieve his property, Joyeuse, and the prisoner. He was none to thrilled to find that she had to be released on a loophole. His anger was so heated that he had all (the team and the senators/diplomats) but Cormac rooted to the spot in fear. Cormac didn’t even bat an eye and told him off in the most diplomatic way one could while also telling him off. We all now have a new found respect for him.

((Apologies for the lapse in time between this one and the last post. I was out for a game and game had been canceled the last 3 weeks. I really need to get this down the next morning while details are still fresh in my mind.)


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