The Corvalis Effect

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case #2 Addendum

Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case #2 — Addendum
July 16, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

Arriving back at TAD headquarters in Louisiana, we received word that the APB put out for Eva Favreu came back with a hit. She was spotted disembarking a flight in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Upon hearing this we were approved for a priority ride down there.

After arriving at the base there we were given details on our suspect, along with a wooden crate stamped with a cross and a letter for me. “We have heard that what you will be going up against is a bit more than what is usually fought against. This shall help aid you in your work.” I opened the crate to find a hard plastic case, similar to a rifle case. Inside the case, wrapped in red silk, was Lobera, the wolf-slaying sword. Inscribed upon the blade, in Latin, was Isaiah 51:9. ((+1 Longsword, magical damage))

Of the details we received of our quarry, the most relevant that we fount was she was the owner of the nightclub that we found the dryders in and also owned one down here as well. After much debate and discussion we (reluctantly on my part) decided the best way to go about apprehending her was by going undercover. Everyone got decked out and was decided that the icing on the cake would be to use my summoned vehicle ((So you roll up to the club in your silver and gold trimmed Celestial Escalade…))

We entered the club as part of Agent Arashi’s ‘entourage’ (thankfully her persona of ‘Hapi Buru’ is not know to the outside world as being part of the TAD). I played the part of her bodyguard; Agent Flynn, her manager; and ‘Agent’ Hunting, her DJ. Flynn managed to get us a VIP room while the DJ who was playing had no problems letting us take the rest of his set. Hicks and I watched the crowd and staff while Lau and Flynn went back to the VIP room and ‘staked out’ whet we later found out was a gathering Lolth priestesses. We noticed that none of the staff were drow or elven at all.

After the set, we all met up in the VIP room. Listening in on the conversation and deciding how to go about apprehending her. Watching the monitor we saw the main drow look up and over at the surveillance camera then at Eva and tell her to turn herself over, answer our questions and call her lawyer. She then dissipated, her drow form being shed to show her true self.

Eva entered the room that we were using and, after calling her lawyer, Quince, and a tentative deal, she answers all our questions freely, relieved that we are after the Shard dealer and not her specifically. We found out that his name is Gavin Edgars (more info in a later field report). After questioning, we took her into custody and left out the rear of the club.

[2 days later]

We received reports on the Shard that we recovered from our crime scenes. A street dose of Shard goes for approx $20-$50. These doses would sell for significantly more, ranging in the thousands of dollars. The main portion of the makeup of this drug is risidium, the resultant byproduct of breaking down magical items. With the amount needed, thoughts are someone has either found a cache of magic items or is stealing them.

Going upon that train of thought, we looked into reports of thefts of magical items. Over the last few years there had been a rash of non-connected thefts ranging form museums, private collections & church reliquaries. There have been no deaths or serious injuries. Upon further investigation, we learned that a notable magical sword, Joyeuse, the Sword of Charlemagne, is on loan to the Smithsonian for the next week.

((The inscription on the sword reads, “Consurge, consurge, induere fortitudinem, brachium Domini; consurge sicut in diebus antiquis, in generationibus sæculorum. Numquid non tu percussisti superbum fecerit, vulnerasti draconem?” The KJV translation being, “Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord; awake, as in the ancient days, in the generations of old. Art thou not it that hath cut Rahab, and wounded the dragon?” Speculation within the group is that Zsirmagdrion has a particular dislike of this weapon.))


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