The Corvalis Effect

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case #2

Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case #2
July 16, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

I was in the middle of the base obstacle course when an Emergency Alert came in summoning the team. While gearing up, we were saddled with a greenhorn (Jack Hunting), straight from college with no field experience, to accompany us to determine the viability of our op. We were informed that, due to the immediacy of the situation, we were going to be ported directly to the field office in Baton Rouge, LA. The had been an incident involving a unknown number of demons.

After arriving at the field office, we were given transportation and headed to the most active spot. It happened to be a Chipotle. ((It went to Chipotle for discernible meat…)) In the lead position, we entered the building to find ourselves facing off against 2 creatures (that we later found out were called Hezrows). After a protracted battle (where we sustained a number of injuries, the new kid proved himself to not be totally useless, and we learned that these creatures were resistant to base attacks) we were able to defeat them. Seeing them, for lack of a better term dissipate, we realized that they were summoned. While this was surprising, the more surprising thing was they had been summoned over 2 hours ago.

Following the swath of destruction, we backtracked the creatures until we came to a street that had a meat market on one side and what looked to be a nightclub on the other. Seeing that the doors of the nightclub were blown open, we entered as silently as we could (having probable cause to warrant not announcing ourselves). Following the corridors into the club, we eventually entered the main room of the club. Agent Flynn obliged us and cut off the flashing lights and music, but as we fully entered the room we were immediately set upon by automatic gunfire from the catwalk.

Each of us acting, we fired upon the assailants and, managed to get on of them to the ground. It was difficult to get to it, due to a 2 foot layer of fog (from a fog machine) obscuring a number of innocent victims. After managing to dispatch one of the dryders (Ian Wiltz) and incapacitate the other, thanks to Agent Arashi blasting out the skylights, we were able to look over the scene.

In the VIP room we found a summoning circle and another Shard. With Agent Flynn having gone over the security tapes, we managed to find out that the two dryders we normal drow when they came in and had accompanied a female, Eva Favreau, in as bodyguards. Between the time of the summoning of the two Hezrow and our arrival, they were ‘punished’ and turned into the creatures we encountered.

After questioning the other dryder, Parker Sterling, our transport arrived and we made out way back to the TAD base.

((Apologies for the lateness of this entry. Had some things that came up and didn’t get a chance until today to get this done. Again, everything is from one point of view.))


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