The Corvalis Effect

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case #1

Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case #1
July 10, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

The team was ordered to Ashland, Ohio to investigate a series of brutal deaths in the area. After arriving and introducing ourselves to local PD, Captain Williams (gnome) assigned us a liaison, Officer Sutton (half-elf).

Visiting the most recent crime scene (the rest had been either already cleaned up or were back in use) we did some investigating of our own. At first, nothing out of the usual stood out at us. After comparing crime scene photos and doing extensive looking, we realized that not only was one object (a stuffed toy) covered in more blood than the others, it had blood behind and underneath it. Stepping out to reorient myself and ready a different set of spells than I had ready for that day, I missed what happened that triggered it to come to life (more or less). A string of profanities being issued from Agent Flynn and a cry of surprise from Agent Arashi mobilized us into action. After dispatching it, I determined that it was possessed by a ghost.

Armed with new information, we now saw that there were stuffed toys of the same make at the rest of the crime scenes and the majority of them were in police lockup. Realizing the situation the town faced, we raced to the station to find it under siege from inside. After a brief but frenzied battle inside, we managed to take down all that were inside, with reports that the PD took down another four.

Looking through records and some questioning of witnesses led us to a local toy store where the stuffed toys were purchased. After questioning the owner and his assistant (an adult human and teenage half-orc, respectively), we gained permission to search the back room and found a crate that didn’t match the rest back there. With some questioning and coaxing, we found out that the crate had come from an abandoned amusement park. We determined that this was not a malicious act, but one of a teenager looking to make a little money on the side.

Further inspection of the crate showed that the amusement park was not the crates first destination. It had originally been delivered to a reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. Upon arrival, we found the ‘corpse’ of the last stuffed toy. As we entered, I noted that the evil presence was quite stronger here. We found keys and made our way further into the building. Being that we were at the main site of these undead creatures, we encountered more powerful ones. While taking on one Agent Lau was afflicted and appeared to age 40 or so years. As we were dispatching that one another four appeared. I hate to admit it, but I too was afflicted, along with Agent Arashi. I aged closer to 20 years and Nariko, thanks to her half-elven genes, only managed some gray hair. One of the ghosts managed to posses Agent Lau, but a well placed censure sent it out of Chao and (along with its remaining compatriot) back to (we assume) their cells.

As we made our way to the chapel, we came to the conclusion that the most logical place for the most potent emotions to manifest from would be ‘The Hole.’ Solitary confinement. Making our way through the chapel, we found recent signs of a squatter; used sleeping bag, sterno, and drug paraphernalia. While Agent Hicks and I were looking around, Agent Arashi hear voices coming from the Hole. Agents Flynn and Hicks turned invisible and went to investigate. After a couple of minutes we heard gunfire and rushed in to assist. Upon entering, we were confronted by a Gnoll and a was later to be determined as a Wraith. The Gnoll’s first action upon us entering was to cast a rather powerful (more powerful that should have been able) Cone of Cold at us. While we all took some of the blast, Agent Arashi seemed to be more affected by it. I healed Nariko while Agents Flynn, Hicks & Lau made quick work of our attackers.

A quick search of the body turned up not just more narcotics, but also a pill container with two glowing pieces of Shard. From what we were able to determine these were extremely more potent than what you would find for sale on the streets. We bagged everything up per procedure and called in PD to handle the crime scene and send the body back on the next available flight.

After returning to base we were cured of our ails and were given a few days of R&R.

[Addendum] — The body seems to have disappeared somewhere between Ashland, OH and base. Questioning the Air Marshal got us nowhere until Agent Hicks noticed that he was answering in such a way that his memories seem to have been altered. Upon further questioning (and being asked who did this to him) he, after a few emotions played over his face (one of them quite happy), managed to commit suicide by running at the table and breaking his neck.

((Date and proper case numbers will be added once I receive more clarification. This was fun to write up as I only took a few notes and realized as I was typing that the events from last game (10/25) took place in a different order than I thought they did as we were playing last night (11/1). All of this is written from one point of view, so I apologize if not everything is completely accurate.))


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