The Corvalis Effect

IA Journal Entry #2

We hammer in the final nail of our TAD career coffin

You know those times where you wish things could have turned out better? This, surprisingly, wasn’t one of them…

We left the cemetery in my summoned vehicle and headed to the TAD offices. We get to the TAD office and check-in with a lady dwarf who questions us about why we are here. She passes us through (and our equipment is run through the metal detector).

We make our way into the bullpen area of this facility. Hicks buddys up to one of the first people we see, attempting to get info on our target. He hooks us up with an interview, for getting connected with Arashi ((Mark, are you Metaflirting?))((Yes. -MB))

As we head to the interrogation room, we notice that there are a couple of ‘seasoned field officers’ grilling the dwarf that let us in. We make our way downstairs, passing an armory and evidence room. Guard standing outside the room. Hicks and Lau go into interrogation room, Arashi and I go into adjoining room. Arashi distracts tech and I knock him out. Hicks starts talking with Young (after mage handing the power cord from the camera) and an alarm starts going off.

I head into the hall to see the guard starting to level his sidearm at me. I miss with my first swing but connect with the second. Hicks pops out of the room and knocks him the rest of the way out. 2 guards round the corner and open fire on me (1 hit). Lau speeds through the hall and lands all of his attacks on them. Arash banishes them both. I head towards the evidence room while Lau stands between us and where the guards were banished. Hicks picks the lock on the door and yells for the people inside to drop their weapon (only Hicks read the racking of a shotgun). 2 more guards round the corner opposite us and fire at Lau. He deflects and heads at them. He drops one and injured another one. Arashi Guts of Winds the door and the guard gets pushed back into the far wall. Hicks makes the guard go to sleep. One of the Seasoned Field Officers comes down the stairs and tells La (by name) to stand down. Lau is stunned by him & I am stunned by the other. Lau takes down the final guard and misses the Seasoned officer. Arashi slows the guard on Lau. Terrance runs into room and starts looking through boxes. I Divine Smite the Office on me and yell for hicks to grab some armor for me if he can. Hicks rummages through boxes and is knocked over and finds a shield (tag marks it as being found in a church fire in 1963). He hands it off to me. As he does, the shield glows a bright white and the cross glows red. The one on me hits me and casts blade ward on himself. I take down the one on me. Hicks saps the one on Lau ((in the jewels)) and Lau flurry of blows him & knocks him prone on the stairs. Arashi runs up and taps him on the head. Young finds his gear and I strip a Tac vest from a guard and follow Young as he heads towards the morgue. Hicks knocks him out and takes his creds (Agent Bennings) & wallet. Las snaps a picture of the 2 Officers and takes the other creds (Agent Andrews) and wallet.

Young hops through a door (after ‘unlocking’ it with his key). We follow and find ourselves in a town(ish). The air has a cleaner smell to it, and we are in a street. Lau asks where we are and he responds by pointing up. We look up to see the rest of the city as it curves around above us. ‘Welcome to Sigil, the city of Doors’, says Young. Arashi starts freaking out. There are many people looking at us, garbed and equipped vastly differently from us. Young ushers us towards the IA base on this plane and explains Sigil to us. ((Does thou even hoist?)) IA is using the old Planes walkers guild hall. Corvalis uses it and has rooms. US (material plane currency) is no good in Sigil, so they are selling arms and armament. We are given lodging and assured that our friends will be reunited with us.


Mastersmith_1072 Artistically_Challenged

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