The Corvalis Effect

IA Journal Entry #1

The one where things get turned sideways

I did not foresee things turning out as they did. You wake up one day, nose to the grindstone, as always; go to bed the next, a traitor with a warrant on your head. Yeah, where to begin?

Not long after the assault on the compound, we were called in for assignment. A Halfling lady, Elizabeth Meadows (no rank) (maybe 40s) started handing out re-assignment orders. As a group, we were being reassigned to the Casper, YWY field office. Our new CO was to be Stanley Lebowitz (Elf). In the paperwork is stated that we are not to discuss or mention to any other TAD personnel or persons (will be considered a breach of National Security and will result in incarceration). ((Lau contacts his master (no name given) by subtle means. Response: Stay calm and lay low. Follow orders and await instructions.))

Shipped off to Casper and each interview is conducted by Lebowitz himself. All assigned to desk jobs, minus Arashi (mail room) and Diego (janitorial). Training commences… Each of us (minus Lau) is written up on the first day.

On our (surprisingly) group day off, I am awoken to a knock on my door. A gift card from a ‘radio raffle’ to Fort Diablo steakhouse in Glenrock, WY ((right off Mormon Canyon Road)) found slid under door. Called and picked up team and headed out. No one happened to notice anyone following. also Lau had not heard anything from his sources. We get to the steakhouse and are shown to our seats. We are handed a thank you letter from TZR FM. The stock of the paper seemed too heavy for regular paper. Hidden in the paper is an SD card. We had the card to Hunting and he put it in his phone. His phone shuts off and cycles through a custom boot sequence. A single number is left in the contact list. Voice on the other end reads out a string of numbers. Crescent Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, Nebraska.

We head out on a 5 hour drive. Hicks gets a call from Lebowitz asking what he is doing on his day off. I shut off my phone when that call comes in. We turn onto a forestry service road. Continued on for another hour.

When we finally get to our destination, we see a cabin. Initials ‘IA’ carved on the door. As soon as Lau touches and opens the door he disappeared. Each of us went through. As we go through everything looks hazy. When our vision cleared, we are in the foyer in a well appointed mansion. Statue of a woman wearing a stylized lab coat, clip board in one hand and an orb in the other. The nameplate reads, “Dr.Caroline Corvalis” A few moments after Hunting’s phone rings Cormac walks down the stairs wearing a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. Leads us into a banquet hall that could seat 100 people. Spectral butlers enter and start serving food. Cormac states this is a base. Headquarters of “Intrepid Adventurers”. Lau, “What has happened since we were ‘incarcerated’?” Cormac was stationed in Alaska. She got into contact with him. Actively recruiting, especially those who have been in the midst of things. Lau’s master has been working as a double agent in the TAD. Several of these safe houses have been setup for usage. Zirmagdrion has been in the background since the beginning. The Cult of the Dragon. Zirmagdrion’s secret police. Corvalis has been ‘plane hopping.’ Has started a resistance on the ‘material plane’ For the most part he has succeeded with world domination. Gathering magic users of certain powers and draining them. A small percentage that use Shard don’t lose the abilities that they get. No knowledge of Dragon Queen. Offered to join IA. IA has splinter cells that engage in ‘Acts of Terrorism’ as the media portrays it. All members agree to join.

Spend the next day or so getting comfortable and acclimated. Cormac calls us into the foyer, conversing w/ a Half-Orc as we enter. An IA member, Terrance Young (Half-Elf), has been taken in by the TAD for breaking Inter-planar laws. Being held at the LA office. Teleport spell is cast and we end up in a musty smelling concrete room (a crypt). Exit crypt into the cemetery. Rosedale Cemetery.


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