The Corvalis Effect

Case File #3

New York Excursion

Tactical Arcana Division- Response & Investigation Unit
Case #3

Agents Arashi, Hunting, Hicks, and Lao proceeded to New York City following the dual leads from the drow and the thief attempting to locate Gavin “Ratman” Edgers, Agent Shaw and Asset Flynn were tied up with political fall out in DC from the Szirmagrian visit.
On reaching the destination we proceeded to use contacts to generate a lead shard dealers.
After establishing a meet up with a dealing we set about a small operation sting, while the sting was overall effective it did not go entirely without flaw the target made the sting and attempted to flee while sicking his pair of dogs at the agents Agent Lao handedly ran down the suspect while Arashi and Hicks neutralized the dogs without lethal force.
Interrogating suspect back at local PD station we identified him as habitual offender going by the name Kaz a quick series of questions yielded possible location to meet Edgers afterwards Kaz seemed to have some form of seizure and exert deleted Agent Lao contacted an associate in the Marshall service and have secured Kaz in protective custody.

The following day we prepared and attempted a small small raid starting in the area we were led to believe Edgers operated out of, namely a sewer entrance, upon entering the sewer we found evidence of frequent foot traffic. We proceeded to follow the tracks until we discovered a large cistern area where we were attacked by a large creature Agent Hunting described as an Otyugh. After a somewhat tumultuous battle with the beast we discovered a ladder down to a lower set of chambers.

Once we descended the ladder we found an ambush, apparently the appellation of “Ratman” for Edgers was indeed apt for it turns out Edgers ran a gang of Wererats. We were dragged into a room to room battle fighting several heavily armed wererats apprehending those we could neutralizing those we could not. The chambers were obviously manufacturing drugs shard of various powers though apparently not of the unstable strain. The final fight led us up to a ladder hot in pursuit of Edgers reaching the top of the ladder into a warehouse edgers collapsed the freight shelves on us and was about to make good his escape when a large man wearing a luchador mask fell from the sealing and collapsed on Edgers. Within moments of cuffing Edgers Lt. Cormac and Agent Shaw opened the warehouse door.


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