The Corvalis Effect

IA Journal Entry #2
We hammer in the final nail of our TAD career coffin

You know those times where you wish things could have turned out better? This, surprisingly, wasn’t one of them…

We left the cemetery in my summoned vehicle and headed to the TAD offices. We get to the TAD office and check-in with a lady dwarf who questions us about why we are here. She passes us through (and our equipment is run through the metal detector).

We make our way into the bullpen area of this facility. Hicks buddys up to one of the first people we see, attempting to get info on our target. He hooks us up with an interview, for getting connected with Arashi ((Mark, are you Metaflirting?))((Yes. -MB))

As we head to the interrogation room, we notice that there are a couple of ‘seasoned field officers’ grilling the dwarf that let us in. We make our way downstairs, passing an armory and evidence room. Guard standing outside the room. Hicks and Lau go into interrogation room, Arashi and I go into adjoining room. Arashi distracts tech and I knock him out. Hicks starts talking with Young (after mage handing the power cord from the camera) and an alarm starts going off.

I head into the hall to see the guard starting to level his sidearm at me. I miss with my first swing but connect with the second. Hicks pops out of the room and knocks him the rest of the way out. 2 guards round the corner and open fire on me (1 hit). Lau speeds through the hall and lands all of his attacks on them. Arash banishes them both. I head towards the evidence room while Lau stands between us and where the guards were banished. Hicks picks the lock on the door and yells for the people inside to drop their weapon (only Hicks read the racking of a shotgun). 2 more guards round the corner opposite us and fire at Lau. He deflects and heads at them. He drops one and injured another one. Arashi Guts of Winds the door and the guard gets pushed back into the far wall. Hicks makes the guard go to sleep. One of the Seasoned Field Officers comes down the stairs and tells La (by name) to stand down. Lau is stunned by him & I am stunned by the other. Lau takes down the final guard and misses the Seasoned officer. Arashi slows the guard on Lau. Terrance runs into room and starts looking through boxes. I Divine Smite the Office on me and yell for hicks to grab some armor for me if he can. Hicks rummages through boxes and is knocked over and finds a shield (tag marks it as being found in a church fire in 1963). He hands it off to me. As he does, the shield glows a bright white and the cross glows red. The one on me hits me and casts blade ward on himself. I take down the one on me. Hicks saps the one on Lau ((in the jewels)) and Lau flurry of blows him & knocks him prone on the stairs. Arashi runs up and taps him on the head. Young finds his gear and I strip a Tac vest from a guard and follow Young as he heads towards the morgue. Hicks knocks him out and takes his creds (Agent Bennings) & wallet. Las snaps a picture of the 2 Officers and takes the other creds (Agent Andrews) and wallet.

Young hops through a door (after ‘unlocking’ it with his key). We follow and find ourselves in a town(ish). The air has a cleaner smell to it, and we are in a street. Lau asks where we are and he responds by pointing up. We look up to see the rest of the city as it curves around above us. ‘Welcome to Sigil, the city of Doors’, says Young. Arashi starts freaking out. There are many people looking at us, garbed and equipped vastly differently from us. Young ushers us towards the IA base on this plane and explains Sigil to us. ((Does thou even hoist?)) IA is using the old Planes walkers guild hall. Corvalis uses it and has rooms. US (material plane currency) is no good in Sigil, so they are selling arms and armament. We are given lodging and assured that our friends will be reunited with us.

IA Journal Entry #1
The one where things get turned sideways

I did not foresee things turning out as they did. You wake up one day, nose to the grindstone, as always; go to bed the next, a traitor with a warrant on your head. Yeah, where to begin?

Not long after the assault on the compound, we were called in for assignment. A Halfling lady, Elizabeth Meadows (no rank) (maybe 40s) started handing out re-assignment orders. As a group, we were being reassigned to the Casper, YWY field office. Our new CO was to be Stanley Lebowitz (Elf). In the paperwork is stated that we are not to discuss or mention to any other TAD personnel or persons (will be considered a breach of National Security and will result in incarceration). ((Lau contacts his master (no name given) by subtle means. Response: Stay calm and lay low. Follow orders and await instructions.))

Shipped off to Casper and each interview is conducted by Lebowitz himself. All assigned to desk jobs, minus Arashi (mail room) and Diego (janitorial). Training commences… Each of us (minus Lau) is written up on the first day.

On our (surprisingly) group day off, I am awoken to a knock on my door. A gift card from a ‘radio raffle’ to Fort Diablo steakhouse in Glenrock, WY ((right off Mormon Canyon Road)) found slid under door. Called and picked up team and headed out. No one happened to notice anyone following. also Lau had not heard anything from his sources. We get to the steakhouse and are shown to our seats. We are handed a thank you letter from TZR FM. The stock of the paper seemed too heavy for regular paper. Hidden in the paper is an SD card. We had the card to Hunting and he put it in his phone. His phone shuts off and cycles through a custom boot sequence. A single number is left in the contact list. Voice on the other end reads out a string of numbers. Crescent Lake Wildlife Sanctuary, Nebraska.

We head out on a 5 hour drive. Hicks gets a call from Lebowitz asking what he is doing on his day off. I shut off my phone when that call comes in. We turn onto a forestry service road. Continued on for another hour.

When we finally get to our destination, we see a cabin. Initials ‘IA’ carved on the door. As soon as Lau touches and opens the door he disappeared. Each of us went through. As we go through everything looks hazy. When our vision cleared, we are in the foyer in a well appointed mansion. Statue of a woman wearing a stylized lab coat, clip board in one hand and an orb in the other. The nameplate reads, “Dr.Caroline Corvalis” A few moments after Hunting’s phone rings Cormac walks down the stairs wearing a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt. Leads us into a banquet hall that could seat 100 people. Spectral butlers enter and start serving food. Cormac states this is a base. Headquarters of “Intrepid Adventurers”. Lau, “What has happened since we were ‘incarcerated’?” Cormac was stationed in Alaska. She got into contact with him. Actively recruiting, especially those who have been in the midst of things. Lau’s master has been working as a double agent in the TAD. Several of these safe houses have been setup for usage. Zirmagdrion has been in the background since the beginning. The Cult of the Dragon. Zirmagdrion’s secret police. Corvalis has been ‘plane hopping.’ Has started a resistance on the ‘material plane’ For the most part he has succeeded with world domination. Gathering magic users of certain powers and draining them. A small percentage that use Shard don’t lose the abilities that they get. No knowledge of Dragon Queen. Offered to join IA. IA has splinter cells that engage in ‘Acts of Terrorism’ as the media portrays it. All members agree to join.

Spend the next day or so getting comfortable and acclimated. Cormac calls us into the foyer, conversing w/ a Half-Orc as we enter. An IA member, Terrance Young (Half-Elf), has been taken in by the TAD for breaking Inter-planar laws. Being held at the LA office. Teleport spell is cast and we end up in a musty smelling concrete room (a crypt). Exit crypt into the cemetery. Rosedale Cemetery.

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case File #5
Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case File #5 — Addendum
August 03, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

Orders came down from Cormac; easier to investigate a 6 month cold trail than to find a specific ‘Manuel’ in Florida. After flying out and driving towards Granite, we ran into a roadblock a handful of miles north of town. The ‘local’ PD tried to detour us, but our badges said otherwise. The Sons of Slaughter – Followers of Erythnul – had rolled into town a couple of weeks ago. The majority of the townsfolk were able to make it out.

((A summoned Celestial Escalade probably has adjustable seat belts))

As we were making our way into town towards a barricade made of cars, a Minotaur rams the Escalade into the Arkansas river. As we started making our way out of the river, 2 gunmen with shotguns (orc and human) move out from the other side of the car wall barricade and started firing on us. The first gunman was down by a firebolt from Agent Arashi, the minotaur was taken down after a number hits from Lau, Diego & me, and Arashi took down the last with another fireball.

Hicks and Hunting’s mongoose sneak up to gather information ((He can touch you through his mongoose that you put in your pocket)). They had found out about a stash, so they are planning to take it, kill those that have it and raze the next town. Troll tosses a dwarf into the road and proceeds to beat it to death, rip off its arm and heads back inside (while chewing on the arm). The Troll is referred to as ‘Laughing Man’

Hicks sneaks up to get a listen. Compound is in the mountains. Attack is planned for the next morning. After a bit of dissension it is decided that they will do a night raid. As he is leaving he gets spotted by two of the gang. First one is shot dead in the chest, Hicks dives for cover and is hit by a shotgun blast. After winging the second, Hicks sneaks back off while the second fires randomly into the underbrush.

Over a loudspeaker the troll thanks us for preparing his dinner and if we haven’t been found then they will be razing the town. After backing down the road, we holed up at the hotel. Hunting sent his pet out ((So your whip your weasel out and stick it in a bush)) to scout.

After approx 8(ish) hours, we hear a commotion of them getting ready to head out. I summon a Jeep and we head out. After a number of minutes we catch up with them and see them trying to figure out to enter bank of fog. After a couple of failed attempts they are able to make it in using a daylight spell.

After taking it slow and walking around the the supposed mines, we make it to the fog bank. “Turn the Undead” Fog dissipates. Continuing on we hear gunfire and the rumbling of the motorcycle engines. SoS are assaulting the compound with reckless abandon, while the defenders are firing back in an orderly manner. After two of the bikers ram into the gates with a prayer to (gods name) on their lips, fully armored fighters start exiting the compound. The Laughing Man cannot be seen in the melee.

Lau sees a couple of figures heading into come pipes. We manage to all make it unseen by both sides shooting at each other. A ways in, the pipe is exploded outward and seems to be in a utility room. One, quite deceased, person in the room, a fair chunk of his face missing is in the corner of the room. After going through a couple of rooms, we run across some ATVs. Taking a couple of minutes we disable all but one so we have an escape option. Going through the right rolling door we pass through a locker room (2 special response suits and 2 assault rifles) and head through the double doors.

Before we were able to make it through the next set of double doors we were set upon by 3 assailants. All but the luchador managed to not take damage. Hunting heated the gun out of one persons hands, Lau attacks and hits him, Diego attacks as well and grapples him, Hicks attacks the third but misses, I kill him in 2 strikes. The other 2 go down fairly quickly after that.

Laughing Man and cronies gathering stuff from what looks like a clean room (behind bullet resistant glass). Booted footsteps advancing towards our position. Stupid greenhorn gets himself spotted and Laughing Man is pleased (maniacal laugh) to see us. 3 more start attacking. Diego, Lau and I charge around the corner and attack the 3 assailants, Hicks “force pulls” a grenade from the prone assailant. Prone assailant gets back up and shoots Lau. In return Lau catches his second shot and flicks in into his neck, killing him instantly. I take damage. Diego kills his and goes after the one on me. I kill mine.

Hunting gets ready to open the the door and Laughing Man and one cronie leaves through the opposite door while the last cronie stays and racks his shotgun. Hunting opens the door and the cronie fires at some lab equipment opposite the door. The shot does not blow the equipment and Hicks fires at him. A second shot to the again fails to detonate the oxygen canister. Diego runs into the room and throws his axe to no effect, I go to the room, while Lau runs in, jumps over the desk and kills him straight out.

We find a map and realize that there was an exit after the opposite door to where Laughing Man exited through. We run into not just the Troll (hopped up on Shard), but also 6 men from the opposite direction. 3 got entangled and Lau went after the other 3. A grenade was tossed and hits Lau, Diego, Hunting & myself. Attack from Hicks with fire, 2 attacks by me and Troll banishes Hunting. Diego hits him with the butt of the shotgun and tries, but fails, to grapple him. Lau dodges the attacks against him and the 3 entangled ones becomes free. Attacks against all of us fail. 2 hits to the Troll from me manage to break his concentration and Hunting pops back onto our plane. More fire from Hicks. He yells, drops his shotgun and lashes out at us with lightning. Hunting, Hicks and I drop to the ground.

((The following is from conversations with the rest of the party, as I was unconscious at the time: Arashi kills 4 assailants outright with a fireball, the last 2 utterly miss Lau and he attacks each once. Troll stops laughing, utters a series of Arcane syllables and blurs behind to the other double doors. Disintegrates them, looks into the room and says, "Oh’ and flakes away into nothing. Diego picks up the shotgun and heads towards Lau looking into a room and sees an altar. Arashi moves up and tries ti attack. One shoots and misses Lau and the other shoots and misses Arashi. Lau attacks the 2 again, drops the first and knocks the other prone. Diego shouts, “TAD, move and you’re dead.” The prone assailant says, “For the Dragon Queen” and pulls the pin on a grenade that none of them notice. Diego drops. ((The Paladin will be fine. His God won’t let him die.)) Lau runs to Hunting and stabilizes him. Hicks stabilizes himself. Arashi gives Diego a potion and he gets back up. Lau stabilizes me and Arashi gives me a potion.))

After coming to, I heal each person who was down. We catch up with Arashi and move over to the Armory to rest.

After our rest in the armory we exit to find the facility in disarray. Cannot make out the runes on the altar to find out the types of rituals done on it. Office connected to it was completely gutted. Pass through a medical bay, morgue & holding cells. All are deserted and only emaciated bodies in morgue. Holding cells heavily warded against casting.

Greenhorn and Luchador search for magical clues (one of the corpses had evidence of arcane tattoos, but no traces of any arcane energy of after only a day or so being deceased), Arashi, Lau and I sweep facility for any stragglers (no evidence of Thaggok) while Hicks looks for mundane evidence.

Greenhorn finds a magical door and opens it with a loud knock sound. (We come running in) 2 benches, 1 wall full of a fairly well done painting of a 5 headed dragon (in the chromatic colors). Looks heavily to be a place of worship. Initials LTN were incorporated into the mural.

Sounds of helicopters can be heard from outside. The cavalry has arrived. Task force was lead by Lt. Tom Gorell (Human), Investigations and Containment Division (Clean-up Squad). Hour or so debrief, give reports and evidence. Helicopter and flight back to DC. Reports and such to Cormac. A week (or so) goes by.

((This is combined from 3 different play sessions. Seemed best to post it all in one post, as it is almost a months since these had taken place.))

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case File #4
Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case File #4 — Addendum
July 29, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

After the ‘Zirmagdrion Incident’ I was asked to stay behind to help with the political clean-up. Thankfully it didn’t take too long, and I was able to head out after my teammates a couple of days later.

Cormac decided that he needed some time away from the base and came with me. It was a pleasant drive from the base in Arlington to New York. On the way to the hotel that we were to be staying at, I got what could only be described as a ‘hankering’ for a fish sandwich from a well reviewed shop down on the waterfront. I must have had a look on my face because the Lieutenant didn’t shoot my idea down, just asked me if I was sure.

While driving down the road we heard a rumbling and saw a warehouse shaking. Pulling over and busting in the door we encountered the rest of the team. They looked to be attempting to take a suspect in custody, but he was pinned to the ground by a man in stylized armor and, strangely enough, wearing a luchador mask. Agent Hicks managed to convince Felix Diego LaMancha (AKA – Ray Jaguar) to let him up so he could be properly mirandized and restrained.

We investigated the underground facility, where we discovered not only the ingredients but also the instructions to make Shard. In the drawer where we found the recipe we also found a new type of residuum (luminescent).

We made our way back to the base (personally escorting our prisoner, as we had learned our lesson from previous blunders). As the intervening days passed Jaguar was given probationary credential and housing, we all catch each other up as to the goings on from the past couple days, and, most importantly, an expert in Residuum, Prof. Sarah Bailey, was brought in to analyze it and the materials we found. The new type of residuum is ‘alive’ (or previously was). It seems to be more of a biological residue (traces of previously living matter). Is fairly powerful magic-wise. The question was raised on if there was a pattern between it and missing powerful magic users.

Gavin Edgars was also interrogated. Questions were asked about his supplier. All he responded with was a question, “What does it matter, i’m going to die either way?” ((Off topic conversation)) Name of the person (shrug) who supplies the “glowing stuff”: Thaggok Never meets with, only talked with once and he sent stuff. Decided he didn’t want to work with it anymore and had his ‘boys’ looking for magic items to breakdown. Contacted a guy named “Manuel”, said he had a ‘bud’ that had friends from ‘out of town’ that could get them residuum for cheap. Met Manuel in Miami at a hotel lobby.

The name Thaggok is recognized by Bailey. She had an Orc graduate student 3 years ago at Penn State who was highly versed in the theories of magical deconstruction. Real name was Theodore Gorkand. Last known location – Granite, Colorado approx 6-7 months ago via credit card transactions (gas and a soda). After deliberating the options, Cormac decided that we would head to Colorado. Before we left we were issued new firearms, prototypes better suited for our line of field work ((weapons do magical damage)).

((The writing up of these field reports was made a lot easier after purchasing a Bluetooth keyboard. Unfortunately it afforded me the option of being less diligent regarding update posting.))

Case File #3
New York Excursion

Tactical Arcana Division- Response & Investigation Unit
Case #3

Agents Arashi, Hunting, Hicks, and Lao proceeded to New York City following the dual leads from the drow and the thief attempting to locate Gavin “Ratman” Edgers, Agent Shaw and Asset Flynn were tied up with political fall out in DC from the Szirmagrian visit.
On reaching the destination we proceeded to use contacts to generate a lead shard dealers.
After establishing a meet up with a dealing we set about a small operation sting, while the sting was overall effective it did not go entirely without flaw the target made the sting and attempted to flee while sicking his pair of dogs at the agents Agent Lao handedly ran down the suspect while Arashi and Hicks neutralized the dogs without lethal force.
Interrogating suspect back at local PD station we identified him as habitual offender going by the name Kaz a quick series of questions yielded possible location to meet Edgers afterwards Kaz seemed to have some form of seizure and exert deleted Agent Lao contacted an associate in the Marshall service and have secured Kaz in protective custody.

The following day we prepared and attempted a small small raid starting in the area we were led to believe Edgers operated out of, namely a sewer entrance, upon entering the sewer we found evidence of frequent foot traffic. We proceeded to follow the tracks until we discovered a large cistern area where we were attacked by a large creature Agent Hunting described as an Otyugh. After a somewhat tumultuous battle with the beast we discovered a ladder down to a lower set of chambers.

Once we descended the ladder we found an ambush, apparently the appellation of “Ratman” for Edgers was indeed apt for it turns out Edgers ran a gang of Wererats. We were dragged into a room to room battle fighting several heavily armed wererats apprehending those we could neutralizing those we could not. The chambers were obviously manufacturing drugs shard of various powers though apparently not of the unstable strain. The final fight led us up to a ladder hot in pursuit of Edgers reaching the top of the ladder into a warehouse edgers collapsed the freight shelves on us and was about to make good his escape when a large man wearing a luchador mask fell from the sealing and collapsed on Edgers. Within moments of cuffing Edgers Lt. Cormac and Agent Shaw opened the warehouse door.

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case File #2 - Ongoing
Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case #2 — Addendum
July 19, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

With our outfit having as diverse of characters as it does, i’m not certain this could have come out any better.

We plotted out the routes of the guards, the entrances and exits, blind spots and weak spots. We added Agents Hicks, Hunting, Lau and me to the guard rotations, Agent Arashi posted herself on the roof of the adjoining building and Asset Flynn was posted in the control room. Agent Hunting also added some runes to the glass surrounding Joyeuse.

After a couple of nights, our diligence finally paid off. During one of the guard rotations, the perpetrator finally struck. Agent Hicks was rotated in the room, I was on the floor above, and Hunting & Lau were on the floors below. The perp was able to keep herself hidden from the regular guard on rotation, but not (after a couple of attempts) from Hicks. She walked up, disarmed a couple of the wards and managed to shrug off the rest.

While that was going on, I was following up on comm from Arashi. One of the vents on the roof of our building looked to be out of place.

After the wards activated (and had no effect on her), Hickes went to apprehend her. She managed to get out from his graps and headed back on her route back to the roof. Hicks commed us and, while I stood my ground at her most logical exit point, Hunting started up to the roof and Lau headed out the main exit to get line of site on her.

As she came onto the roof I identified myself and attempted to incapacitate her. That didn’t work out so well. She managed to dodge my attack. As Hicks exited onto the roof, Arashi’s attack had no effect on her. Hicks made his attack and she managed to catch and send the bullet into a different direction. After this she exited the roof in the most direct way possible, she tossed something and jumped off.

While this was happening, Flynn was maneuvering himself inside the building to the side she jumped off. Lau watched the object on its flight down and went to see about retrieving it. Not willing to let her escape, I did the stupidest thing I could think of, I followed her. I landed hard and it took me a few seconds to get up.

As she was falling, she activated the object that she threw, which turned out to be a motorcycle. As she attempted to to get to it, Flynn made his move. He exited the building through the closest window and appeared to walk on mist out to it. While he distracted her by taking possession of her escape vehicle, we cornered her and took her into custody.

Later in interrogation, we did all that we could to get information out of her. The only name she would give us was Ashara. She turned out to be a Githzerai, from another plane. She studiously refused to say anything in regards to her employer. We found a card in her possession with the name ‘Gavin Edgards’ on it. In runes on the back, waiting to be activated, was ‘Object acquired, meeting requested.’

As we were finishing up, Lt. Cormac entered the room and informed us that Zsirmagdrion was coming and we were to report in full dress and to bring the prisoner. With her being from another plane, she had ‘diplomatic immunity’ and once we charged her, she was free to go. As she left, she took her motorcycle but left the card.


The meeting with Zsirmagdrion went as well as one might have expected. He came to retrieve his property, Joyeuse, and the prisoner. He was none to thrilled to find that she had to be released on a loophole. His anger was so heated that he had all (the team and the senators/diplomats) but Cormac rooted to the spot in fear. Cormac didn’t even bat an eye and told him off in the most diplomatic way one could while also telling him off. We all now have a new found respect for him.

((Apologies for the lapse in time between this one and the last post. I was out for a game and game had been canceled the last 3 weeks. I really need to get this down the next morning while details are still fresh in my mind.)

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case #2 Addendum
Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case #2 — Addendum
July 16, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

Arriving back at TAD headquarters in Louisiana, we received word that the APB put out for Eva Favreu came back with a hit. She was spotted disembarking a flight in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Upon hearing this we were approved for a priority ride down there.

After arriving at the base there we were given details on our suspect, along with a wooden crate stamped with a cross and a letter for me. “We have heard that what you will be going up against is a bit more than what is usually fought against. This shall help aid you in your work.” I opened the crate to find a hard plastic case, similar to a rifle case. Inside the case, wrapped in red silk, was Lobera, the wolf-slaying sword. Inscribed upon the blade, in Latin, was Isaiah 51:9. ((+1 Longsword, magical damage))

Of the details we received of our quarry, the most relevant that we fount was she was the owner of the nightclub that we found the dryders in and also owned one down here as well. After much debate and discussion we (reluctantly on my part) decided the best way to go about apprehending her was by going undercover. Everyone got decked out and was decided that the icing on the cake would be to use my summoned vehicle ((So you roll up to the club in your silver and gold trimmed Celestial Escalade…))

We entered the club as part of Agent Arashi’s ‘entourage’ (thankfully her persona of ‘Hapi Buru’ is not know to the outside world as being part of the TAD). I played the part of her bodyguard; Agent Flynn, her manager; and ‘Agent’ Hunting, her DJ. Flynn managed to get us a VIP room while the DJ who was playing had no problems letting us take the rest of his set. Hicks and I watched the crowd and staff while Lau and Flynn went back to the VIP room and ‘staked out’ whet we later found out was a gathering Lolth priestesses. We noticed that none of the staff were drow or elven at all.

After the set, we all met up in the VIP room. Listening in on the conversation and deciding how to go about apprehending her. Watching the monitor we saw the main drow look up and over at the surveillance camera then at Eva and tell her to turn herself over, answer our questions and call her lawyer. She then dissipated, her drow form being shed to show her true self.

Eva entered the room that we were using and, after calling her lawyer, Quince, and a tentative deal, she answers all our questions freely, relieved that we are after the Shard dealer and not her specifically. We found out that his name is Gavin Edgars (more info in a later field report). After questioning, we took her into custody and left out the rear of the club.

[2 days later]

We received reports on the Shard that we recovered from our crime scenes. A street dose of Shard goes for approx $20-$50. These doses would sell for significantly more, ranging in the thousands of dollars. The main portion of the makeup of this drug is risidium, the resultant byproduct of breaking down magical items. With the amount needed, thoughts are someone has either found a cache of magic items or is stealing them.

Going upon that train of thought, we looked into reports of thefts of magical items. Over the last few years there had been a rash of non-connected thefts ranging form museums, private collections & church reliquaries. There have been no deaths or serious injuries. Upon further investigation, we learned that a notable magical sword, Joyeuse, the Sword of Charlemagne, is on loan to the Smithsonian for the next week.

((The inscription on the sword reads, “Consurge, consurge, induere fortitudinem, brachium Domini; consurge sicut in diebus antiquis, in generationibus sæculorum. Numquid non tu percussisti superbum fecerit, vulnerasti draconem?” The KJV translation being, “Awake, awake, put on strength, O arm of the Lord; awake, as in the ancient days, in the generations of old. Art thou not it that hath cut Rahab, and wounded the dragon?” Speculation within the group is that Zsirmagdrion has a particular dislike of this weapon.))

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case #2
Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case #2
July 16, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

I was in the middle of the base obstacle course when an Emergency Alert came in summoning the team. While gearing up, we were saddled with a greenhorn (Jack Hunting), straight from college with no field experience, to accompany us to determine the viability of our op. We were informed that, due to the immediacy of the situation, we were going to be ported directly to the field office in Baton Rouge, LA. The had been an incident involving a unknown number of demons.

After arriving at the field office, we were given transportation and headed to the most active spot. It happened to be a Chipotle. ((It went to Chipotle for discernible meat…)) In the lead position, we entered the building to find ourselves facing off against 2 creatures (that we later found out were called Hezrows). After a protracted battle (where we sustained a number of injuries, the new kid proved himself to not be totally useless, and we learned that these creatures were resistant to base attacks) we were able to defeat them. Seeing them, for lack of a better term dissipate, we realized that they were summoned. While this was surprising, the more surprising thing was they had been summoned over 2 hours ago.

Following the swath of destruction, we backtracked the creatures until we came to a street that had a meat market on one side and what looked to be a nightclub on the other. Seeing that the doors of the nightclub were blown open, we entered as silently as we could (having probable cause to warrant not announcing ourselves). Following the corridors into the club, we eventually entered the main room of the club. Agent Flynn obliged us and cut off the flashing lights and music, but as we fully entered the room we were immediately set upon by automatic gunfire from the catwalk.

Each of us acting, we fired upon the assailants and, managed to get on of them to the ground. It was difficult to get to it, due to a 2 foot layer of fog (from a fog machine) obscuring a number of innocent victims. After managing to dispatch one of the dryders (Ian Wiltz) and incapacitate the other, thanks to Agent Arashi blasting out the skylights, we were able to look over the scene.

In the VIP room we found a summoning circle and another Shard. With Agent Flynn having gone over the security tapes, we managed to find out that the two dryders we normal drow when they came in and had accompanied a female, Eva Favreau, in as bodyguards. Between the time of the summoning of the two Hezrow and our arrival, they were ‘punished’ and turned into the creatures we encountered.

After questioning the other dryder, Parker Sterling, our transport arrived and we made out way back to the TAD base.

((Apologies for the lateness of this entry. Had some things that came up and didn’t get a chance until today to get this done. Again, everything is from one point of view.))

TAD Response & Investigation Unit - Case #1
Jaxom Shaw Field Report

Tactical Arcana Division – Response & Investigation Unit
Case #1
July 10, 2015

Jaxom Shaw reporting.

The team was ordered to Ashland, Ohio to investigate a series of brutal deaths in the area. After arriving and introducing ourselves to local PD, Captain Williams (gnome) assigned us a liaison, Officer Sutton (half-elf).

Visiting the most recent crime scene (the rest had been either already cleaned up or were back in use) we did some investigating of our own. At first, nothing out of the usual stood out at us. After comparing crime scene photos and doing extensive looking, we realized that not only was one object (a stuffed toy) covered in more blood than the others, it had blood behind and underneath it. Stepping out to reorient myself and ready a different set of spells than I had ready for that day, I missed what happened that triggered it to come to life (more or less). A string of profanities being issued from Agent Flynn and a cry of surprise from Agent Arashi mobilized us into action. After dispatching it, I determined that it was possessed by a ghost.

Armed with new information, we now saw that there were stuffed toys of the same make at the rest of the crime scenes and the majority of them were in police lockup. Realizing the situation the town faced, we raced to the station to find it under siege from inside. After a brief but frenzied battle inside, we managed to take down all that were inside, with reports that the PD took down another four.

Looking through records and some questioning of witnesses led us to a local toy store where the stuffed toys were purchased. After questioning the owner and his assistant (an adult human and teenage half-orc, respectively), we gained permission to search the back room and found a crate that didn’t match the rest back there. With some questioning and coaxing, we found out that the crate had come from an abandoned amusement park. We determined that this was not a malicious act, but one of a teenager looking to make a little money on the side.

Further inspection of the crate showed that the amusement park was not the crates first destination. It had originally been delivered to a reformatory in Mansfield, Ohio. Upon arrival, we found the ‘corpse’ of the last stuffed toy. As we entered, I noted that the evil presence was quite stronger here. We found keys and made our way further into the building. Being that we were at the main site of these undead creatures, we encountered more powerful ones. While taking on one Agent Lau was afflicted and appeared to age 40 or so years. As we were dispatching that one another four appeared. I hate to admit it, but I too was afflicted, along with Agent Arashi. I aged closer to 20 years and Nariko, thanks to her half-elven genes, only managed some gray hair. One of the ghosts managed to posses Agent Lau, but a well placed censure sent it out of Chao and (along with its remaining compatriot) back to (we assume) their cells.

As we made our way to the chapel, we came to the conclusion that the most logical place for the most potent emotions to manifest from would be ‘The Hole.’ Solitary confinement. Making our way through the chapel, we found recent signs of a squatter; used sleeping bag, sterno, and drug paraphernalia. While Agent Hicks and I were looking around, Agent Arashi hear voices coming from the Hole. Agents Flynn and Hicks turned invisible and went to investigate. After a couple of minutes we heard gunfire and rushed in to assist. Upon entering, we were confronted by a Gnoll and a was later to be determined as a Wraith. The Gnoll’s first action upon us entering was to cast a rather powerful (more powerful that should have been able) Cone of Cold at us. While we all took some of the blast, Agent Arashi seemed to be more affected by it. I healed Nariko while Agents Flynn, Hicks & Lau made quick work of our attackers.

A quick search of the body turned up not just more narcotics, but also a pill container with two glowing pieces of Shard. From what we were able to determine these were extremely more potent than what you would find for sale on the streets. We bagged everything up per procedure and called in PD to handle the crime scene and send the body back on the next available flight.

After returning to base we were cured of our ails and were given a few days of R&R.

[Addendum] — The body seems to have disappeared somewhere between Ashland, OH and base. Questioning the Air Marshal got us nowhere until Agent Hicks noticed that he was answering in such a way that his memories seem to have been altered. Upon further questioning (and being asked who did this to him) he, after a few emotions played over his face (one of them quite happy), managed to commit suicide by running at the table and breaking his neck.

((Date and proper case numbers will be added once I receive more clarification. This was fun to write up as I only took a few notes and realized as I was typing that the events from last game (10/25) took place in a different order than I thought they did as we were playing last night (11/1). All of this is written from one point of view, so I apologize if not everything is completely accurate.))

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