Corvalis Event – The event 60 years ago that caused Magic to flood back into the world as we knew it. The change was gradual, over the course of a month or so, but caused latent bloodlines to resurface and artifacts to regain their qualities. Monstrous creatures started to wake up in the dark places around the world and around 60 percent of the population of the world changed (relapsed? evolved? devolved?) into demi-human races such as dwarves, elves, goblinoids, giantkin, gnomes, halflings, etc. Basically humanity is still a decent majority of the civilised races on the planet. Those who changed took on the physical and mental attributes of their new race gaining longer or shorter lifespans, magical abilities, and obvious physical changes. As the changes took place over the course of a month it caused a lot of panic but was gradual enough that society was able to recover fairly quickly and start moving forward rather than be stuck in turmoil for an extended period of time.

(NOTE TO SELF – make a rough time line of events since the Corvalis Event)

The Awakening – slang term for the Corvalis Event that is used by those who are in favor of the changes. (i.e. Life has been so much better since the Awakening)

The Chaos – slang term for the Corvalis Event used by those who are not in favor of the changes or who are depicting the event in unfavorable terms (i.e. I lost my family in the Chaos)

The Corvalis Effect – neutral term for the Corvalis Event for the changes (or the magic itself) that occurred. (i.e. My family and I were turned into Dwarves due to the Corvalis Effect.)

Zsirmagdrion – Elder Red Dragon who rules the Kingdom of Albion (used to be England prior to the Awakening)

Notes on differing effects around the world -

* Region specific monsters – different regions seem to have their own flavor of monsters and specific bloodlines. There has been a lot of interbreeding around the world and such there are examples of each race in almost every country around the world but some areas have higher percentages of certain races and monsters. Asian countries, for example, have more spirit folk, kappa, Oni, and Asian lore-styled creatures than elsewhere in the world. England and Western Europe holds quite a bit of the “standard” fantasy races and monsters but pretty much anywhere that Europeans colonized have a greater chance of having these races. North Americas is a mix of a lot of other cultures due to immigration and mixing over the years as well as the importing of animal species from around the world.
* Cultures took to the Corvalis Event in different ways with varying degrees of acceptance. (NOTE TO SELF – work with people who have a better idea of how the world would have handled this in the 60’s and 70’s possibly reddit?) England was taken over fairly swiftly by Zsirmagdrion as he was the first Dragon to wake up and has been running the country since ‘72. America is still the melting pot of the world and is full of pretty much every race and creed trying to make their way in life, the government has been slow to deal with the changes but is mostly accepting and just trying to make life as ’normal’ as possible. It’s probable (likely even) that there were/are groups around the world that answered the changes with violent purges and wars so that is something to take into effect if politics are going to come up in the game.

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